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Building Markets Together - Japan 2021

EEX organized the Japan power digital summit, Building Markets Together - Japan 2021, on 28th Jan, 2021. Slide deck from the conference.

28 JAN 2021

EEX exceeds 1 TWh milestone
in Japanese Power

EEX has set a new record in Japan Power Futures by
registeringa volume of over 1 TWh in a single month for the
first time since entering the market in May 2020.

26 JAN 2021

EEX Group Webinar Presentation Slides

Japan power future status update and  Cascading

02 SEP 2020

Clearing Circular 22/2020

ECC has waived clearing fees for EEX Japanese Power Futures until 31 October 2020, with effect from 18 May 2020.

08 JUN 2020

EEX Fee Waiver for Japanese Power Futures

EEX and ECC have waived trading and clearing fees for EEX Japanese Power Futures until 31 October 2020.

29 MAY 2020

EEX Japan Power  Presentation Slides

The lastest updates for the Japanese Power Futures

23 NOV 2020

EEX Sets New Record in Japanese Power Futures

Throughout the month of October, EEX achieved a total traded volume of 111 GWh, thereby setting a new monthly record.

12 NOV 2020

Clearing Circular 43/2020

In order to further support the development of this new market, ECC is extending its fee waiver by 6 months until 30 April 2021, with effect from 31 October 2020

12 NOV 2020

Clearing Circular 14/2020

This Clearing Circular contains additional information regarding the EEX Japan Power Portal and the additional margin requirements for open variation margin payment obligations in Japanese Yen

08 MAY 2020

EEX to launch Japanese Power Portal

 EEX will launch the EEX Japan Power Portal, which can be used in addition to the existing trade registration entry channels at EEX.

07 MAY 2020

EEX Japan Power

Presentation Slides

EEX Japan Power Status Update:

Getting ready for go-live

20 APRIL 2020

Clearing Circular 7/2020

This Clearing Circular contains information regarding the product setup, the clearing and settlement processes as well as the preconditions for participation.

16 MARCH 2020

EEX to launch Trade Registration Services for Japanese Power Futures

The European Energy Exchange (EEX) will expand its product offering by launching Trade Registration services for financially settled EEX Japanese Power Futures as of 18th May 2020, subject to standard European regulatory approval. 

16 MARCH 2020

EEX Japan Power

Presentation Slides

EEX Japan Power Futures:

Developing a liquid market together with the industry

30 JANUARY 2020​