EEX Japan Power

As Japan continues to follow the course of ongoing deregulation in its Power market, the demand for cleared long-term contracts and further hedging instruments continues to grow.  


EEX Group, the largest power exchange group in the world, is committed to developing such a cleared long-term market for Japanese Power by combining best practices from 20 international power markets with domestic Japanese specifics.


On 18th May 2020, EEX launched Trade Registration services for the Japanese power market.


The new product offering is the first Asian market area on the EEX Power Derivatives platform and the first EEX Group product specifically built for the Asian market.


EEX Group will continue to work to support the further development of the fast-growing and exciting market, working in close partnership with the industry, both in Japan and overseas, in order to provide the market with risk management tools to hedge against price risks, thereby increasing the overall transparency and security of the market.